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Mental retardation afflicts one and a half times as many boys as girls. As teenagers, boys die at twice the rate of girls. Men are 16 times as likely as women to be colorblind. Men suffer hearing loss at twice the rate of women. The male hormone testosterone is linked to elevations of LDL, the bad cholesterol, as well as declines in HDL, the good cholesterol.

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Men have 40 The Superior Sex fewer infection-fighting T-cells and are thought to have weaker immune systems than women. Men have a higher death rate from pneumonia and influenza than women. By the age of 36, women outnumber men. Men ages are twice as likely as women to die of heart disease.

click here In the United States, men are twice as likely to die from parasite-related diseases in part, some speculate, because their greater average size may offer parasites a bigger target. Stroke, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and accidents — all among the top causes of death — kill men at a higher rate than women. American men typically die almost six years before women do. By the age of , women outnumber men eight to one. Women have better senses smell, touch, taste, and sight.

Women tolerate pain the best. Pound for pound, women are in fact stronger thus men are physically stronger only because of their overall size advantage. Women have greater flexibility and endurance. Women, as a rule, eat healthier. Women are biological superior and complex , less susceptible to certain diseases and they live longer. So much for the weaker sex.

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But that is biological, what about intellectual? Are women more intelligent? Studies show that the human male brain is, on average, approximately ten percent larger than the female brain. However, certain brain areas in women contain more nerve cells.

Women have a larger corpus collusum, the group of nerve fibers that connects left and right hemispheres in the brain. Researchers wanted to know if women have as much gray matter as men. It was proven that women have Men listen with only one side of their brains, while women use both, according to information on brain imaging presented in November , at the 86th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America RSNA.

Studies show women do better in memory tests. Women have better language and communication skills. As we will see, women have more success in small businesses and women are making better managers, directors and CEO's. Women use more areas of their brain. Girls mature faster than boys, from potty training to emotional development.

As we will also discover, women 41 Female Domination have taken over higher education as many more women are graduating and getting degrees than men. Perhaps the most influential person to come to the conclusion that women are the superior gender was Dr. Ashley Montagu, who died on November 26, at the age of ninety-four. Montagu was the author of more than sixty books.

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All health practitioners need to have a working knowledge of this breakthrough. He likes to take a book or magazine with him, which means it's always a good half hour before I can finally get in there. A love story, a story of racial divide, and a story of the South as it fell in the war, The Second Mrs. Some studies suggest that inheriting the short form of the gene doubles the risk of depression, but recent studies found no correlation. Whethah ya live on Beacon Hill with the wealthiest Blue Bloods of Bawston, or ya live in sin in the city of Lynn , you should be educated on the tawpic. Neural Pruning is the deletion of cells.

Montagu wrote books on anthropology, human anatomy, intelligence, and marriage. The fifth edition was published in and has been expanded and modernized to fortify Dr. The book argues that the female of the species is biologically, sexually, emotionally, and even intellectually superior to the male. Montagu writes that women possess humane intelligence that will enable women to steer society toward a more humanized condition.

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Montagu explains that his thesis is supported by scientific evidence. Montagu challenges his readers to distinguish between facts and opinions and he reminds us that facts are either true of false, and he welcomes all evidence that questions any of his facts and the conclusions deduced from these. They do significantly better on tests of picture memories and such tests as copying a bead chain from memory. In short, the age-old myth that women are of inferior intelligence to men has, as far as the scientific evidence goes, not a leg to stand upon.

I think it can be shown that women far outdistance men. As women continue to grow in power and become more assertive in our society, men will desire to submit to them. Women have become liberated in western civilization and now for the first time in history, women are seeing themselves in an equal and even superior light when compared to the male gender.

A lot of women have come to believe that society would be better served if society were governed by women instead of men and that women should be in positions of authority. Women have gained equality but they are finding that equality is not enough. How did women gain equality?

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Anthony, and Alice Paul. But equality for women would not have been possible unless some men also desired for women to gain power. It was ultimately men of power and control who surrendered some of that 43 Female Domination power over to women in order to empower women. What is most surprising about the Feminist movement is the lack of male opposition. There was first a power exchange that occurred within the bedrooms and the homes that set the stage for women to gain equality in western civilization.

It took men submitting to the female desire to be educated, employed and given an equal voice in politics that brought equality to fruition. It was the male desire for female empowerment that seduced the dormant desire within women and caused that desire for power to be unleashed. Nature set this up as men are birthed into this world by women, nurtured by women and raised by women. The seeds for Female Domination have been implanted into the male psyche by nature.

Societal evolution is often a slow, steady process but one just need look at the trends to see what has been transpiring. Until , women were not permitted the right to vote in America but now in less than one century, women are dominating men from elementary learning to higher education to the board rooms of International business. With each passing election, more women are being elected to political office from state houses all the way to the Unites States Senate. Women now hold sixteen percent of corporate officer positions at large U. Even Dr. Montagu did not foresee such a rapid societal change.

One of the ways in which the male may compensate for this biological inferiority is by work and by achievement. The trend toward women becoming the dominant financial partner within the marriage is growing at a rapid rate.


Finally, more career women are getting the one thing they say they need most: a wife. What a change from when Dr. Montagu first published his landmark book.

APPENDIX C: Future Therapies

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Women are beginning to dominate the workforce. World War II saw women enter the workforce out of necessity but once the men returned from the war, they discovered that not all women were willing to return to the traditional role of stay at home spouse. This lead to much 45 Female Domination stress in the home as husbands and wives argued over the societal role of the female. The fifties brought prosperity and ushered in the age of materialism.

In order to afford the luxuries of the twentieth century, some men began to submit to their wives demands to work outside the home, as two incomes could buy more than just one.

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The sixties brought more social change and ushered in the age of Feminism. Women began to demand equal pay and equal opportunities in education and career choices.


The seventies saw women pouring into the labor force and the ascent up the corporate ladder began. Society continues to evolve and now women are beginning to earn more than their husbands. Women are ascending to positions of leadership and women are outperforming their male counterparts. Studies show that women are making better bosses and better managers. In fact, after years of analyzing what makes leaders most effective and figuring out who's got the Right Stuff, management gurus now know how to boost the odds of getting a great executive: Hire a Female. That's the essential finding of a growing number of comprehensive management studies conducted by consultants across the country for companies ranging from high-tech to manufacturing to consumer services.

By and large, the studies show that women executives, when rated by their peers, underlings, and bosses, score higher than their male counterparts on a wide variety of measures— from producing high-quality work to goal-setting to mentoring employees. Using elaborate performance evaluations of execs, researchers found that women got higher ratings than men on almost every skill measured. Ironically, the researchers weren't looking to ferret out gender differences.

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They accidentally stumbled on the findings when they were compiling hundreds of routine performance evaluations and then analyzing the results. Krotz of Marketing Intelligence believes that it is genetics that makes women better managers. Studies show that both male and female styles of leadership can be effective. But when compared side by side, 'female" has the edge. Gender differences stem from nurture and nature alike.

It's not only socialization that shapes men and women. It's also biology. Researchers are discovering physiological variations in the brains of men and women. But women have more nerve cells in certain areas. Women also tend to have a larger corpus collusum, the group of nerve fibers that connects left and right hemispheres. That makes women faster at transferring data between the computational, verbal left half and the intuitive, visual right half Men are usually left-brain oriented.