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Thanks for introducing us to Gary Ponzo, LJ! Gary, I clicked on the link LJ left and bought two of your books before I finished reading the interview! Here's what sold me: "At the end of the day, it's about the quality of the writing. No one cares how clever your plot is if you can't keep the scene interesting and the five senses involved with every page. The reader needs to smell and hear and feel the emotion of the characters or everything else is nonsense. And this bit: "Short stories are one night stands; a romp in the sack with a woman you met at a wedding when you were twenty-five.

It's quick and over fast. Instant gratification. A novel is a long-term relationship, sometimes involving therapy. It's messy and intimate and ultimately more rewarding. But every now and then I'll write a short story just to keep my libido working properly. I can relate to your comment that deep down you knew Nick was a keeper. You just know when it's right because you form relationships with your characters much as you do in real life. And to top it all off, all of this was accomplished despite the fact these stars, despite being beloved by both audiences and theater owners, were, along with the part of the studio they worked for, forced to work for smaller budgets than almost anyone else.

Those two stars were, of course, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The irony is, when Bugs and Daffy actually first appeared together, they were friends. Rabbit, Duck! The end result? Of course, sometimes Daffy was only greedy for the spotlight he desperately wanted, and which he felt Bugs was hogging, and director Friz Freleng seemed to specialize in this interpretation of Daffy.

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Of course, both schemes fail; in usual Looney Tunes logic, when Daffy tried to saw the limb, the rest of the tree, with him on it, fell down instead, and when Bugs tried to play the xylophone, he played one wrong note so often and enraged Daffy pushed him away and played it right, at which point he was blown up instead.

Naturally, when Daffy gets mistaken for a rabbit his pants accidentally went the wrong way , he calls for Bugs. Naturally, however, Bugs once again manages to out-manuever him. Bugs is finally able to escape when the real baby gorilla finally shows up, only to be presented with a baby of his own; Daffy. After , Bugs and Daffy could be seen on TV, where the old cartoon shorts found a new life, and also in compilation movies released theatrically. In its own way, another miracle is the character and actor who connects with the public.

It does take talent from the person who wrote the character and the actor playing it as well as everyone else involved , but it also takes luck and timing.

Tony Soprano, without question, was one of those roles, and James Gandolfini, who died Wednesday at the age of 51, was a major reason Tony Soprano became arguably the most influential TV character of the last years or so. However, there was more to Gandolfini than that. Basically, Virgil ends up beating up Alabama, and then Alabama ends up taking her revenge, but in between, Virgil delivers a trademark Tarantino monologue about how tough it is to kill someone at first, but how much easier it gets afterwards.

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Gandolfini plays Bear, a former stuntman and single father to a little girl who works for Bo Catlett Delroy Lindo , a gangster. And once again, Gandolfini had a memorable scene involving violence, though this was nowhere near as graphic. Once again, Gandolfini pulls it off with aplomb. One of those people was David Chase, who was casting a show about a mobster who seems to have it all, but is having trouble with both his business and especially his family.

Chase had originally pitched the idea to Fox, and Anthony LaPaglia was set to play the lead, but the network passed, and it later ended up on HBO. Robert Iler. But there are a couple of things that always struck me about the show at its best. Rather, while always reminding us of just how vicious Tony and his fellow mobsters were, Chase and company chose to humanize them by having them go through the same crap the average American did.

A small example came in season 1, where Tony worries about whether or not A.

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Jennifer Melfi Lorraine Bracco. Mine comes in the first season, and it ties in to the point about characters lying to themselves.

In Dr. If the scene had ended there, it would have been indulging in the same kind of cliches Chase was consciously trying to avoid. Of course, he was always quick to credit Chase and the other people on the show for how good it was, and never tried to make it seem like it was all due to him. But with the exception of Chase, no one seemed more eager to move on, and Gandolfini did his best to take characters in movies that put distance between him and Tony Soprano.

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As per usual in a Rod Lurie film, the story of Lt. That it works at all is thanks to some of supporting performances notably Mark Ruffalo as a cynical prisoner , especially by Gandolfini. As with the story, the characters are painted with broad strokes — Col.

L.J. Sellers, novelist

Winter listens to Salieri instead of Mozart, to give you an idea — but Gandolfini is able to push things towards something more subtle. Watch, for example, his first scene with General Irwin, whom Winter idolizes. When Irwin first comes to his office, Col. Winter asks Irwin to autograph his book, and while he goes to get it, General Irwin happens to notice all of the battle memorabilia Col. He plays another army officer, this time Lt. While the story may be familiar — Nick Gandolfini , an iron worker, is married to Kitty Susan Sarandon , a dressmaker, but is also cheating on her with Tula Kate Winslet , a free-spirited woman — but Turturro envisioned this as a working-class Dennis Potter musical.

Gandolfini voices Carol, the Wild Thing who is most reluctant to grow up, and Gandolfini throws himself into the part with abandon, getting the humor and exuberance but also the pain, especially when he feels Max is shunning him. Not all the movies Gandolfini did, of course, were up to that level or up to his level.

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But in December of last year came two movies, and roles, that were worthy of his talents. And again, what strikes you is how subtle he is. I used to work at a video store on Greenwich Avenue in New York City for about eight years, and Gandolfini was an occasional customer there. Sometimes, he came in with his new wife, sometimes with his son from his previous marriage, and sometimes with his dog, but more often than not, he came in alone.

Of course, as has been expressed many times in print by him and those who knew him, he was guarded in real life, and like everyone else on the planet, he had his own demons to struggle with. And, of course, I took to potatoes, considered an Irish staple, and still love eating them, as well as corned beef and soda bread never a fan of cabbage, though. But when tragedy strikes, Francie has to reevaluate her relationship with Katie.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/sant-mart-sarroca-paginas-para-conocer-gente.php Finally, the rest of the cast is very good. Dunn in real life had battled alcoholism, so all of his scenes ring true. And Lloyd Nolan is touching as McShane, the neighborhood beat cop who is silently in love with Katie. But the main reason the movie works so well is the skill Kazan showed with the child actors, Donaldson and especially Garner.

She also has good manners as she shows when she goes to a five-and-dime store , is reliable which is why Katie allows her to stay when Mr. Yet, at the same time, she is wise to the streets, thinking nothing of pushing another kid aside so Neely can grab some scrap metal, or holding her place in line when a street vendor B. Pully is giving away Christmas trees to anyone who can catch them when he throws them. Garner is able to negotiate through all facets of Francie defined above skillfully and naturally, but her best scenes come later in the movie.

Johnny is aghast at this, not just because he was the one who made it possible for Francie to switch schools in the first place, but because he knows how much she loves school. Earlier in the day, when Miss McDonough had an extra pie to give away before school let out, Francie lied and said she wanted the pie for a poor family she knew, when in reality, she wanted it for her and Neely, since they were hungry. Instead of yelling at her, Miss McDonough told her that while imagination was a wonderful thing, especially in writing, there needed to be some truth behind it.

ISBN: YA fantasy, pages. Editions Didier Millet. June 16, Especially if the librarian is a lemming! Can he find his long-lost father, rescue his hometown of Foxglove from the murderous rule of its ruthless mayor, and discover true happiness? Oh, did we mention that Sylvester has mistakenly received the most sought after treasure map ever? A map which leads to a treasure beyond the wildest dreams of avarice But then Sylvester is a librarian.

And a lemming. Grace Wright.