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We looked at our U.

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We made the decision based on projected future business. The Millville facility was working on Speys, Tays and PT6s, so it just fits into our other facilities. Pratt said the U. Maintenance and Modifications. There are no comments yet, please Login or Register to begin a discussion. Latest Trending.

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Our Jet Provost XS was handled by Airwork Services on a regular basis, but Kew has given up very little about their services to the RAF, and it appears that as a contractor, virtually no documentary evidence has survived of their early activities, unless it's hidden in a company vault somewhere. More than likely it has gone the way of many archived documents, i. Steve Bond. Davids up until They had no records worth talking about at all. Yes, I got the same when I enquired about any archive that might be available for perusal.

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Being a child at the time, I wasn't interested in the company, it was only when adulthood and my interest in vintage aviation grew that I wanted to delve deeper into the whole area. Even I have more documents about my employers so far than he did! And my lovingly collated photo collection of my life and the planes in Sudan and Nigeria mysteriously failed to survive the journey home by sea along with the rest of our stuff.

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Too late now. But then again my memory isn't what it was I was with it all the way until letting the brakes off Both my later father and I briefly worked for Airwork. This primarily involved flying the Meteor T7 and Meteor TT20 on target towing and radar calibration sorties. Tragically he was killed in February when the Meteor T7 WL he was receiving a competency check in to extend his QFI status developed a flat spin and crashed near Blandford in Dorset.

In addition to having provided a variety of defence support services to the RAF, Fleet Air Arm and overseas air forces over the years, Airwork also played an important role in the early development of civil aviation - both in the UK and abroad. As PaulR indicates there is little to be found on the internet, certainly nothing official, although if one searches long enough a basic history can be outlined.

Hopefully this is not the case. Are there any more ex employees out there?

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Were these the same company or was Airwork Services a subsidiary of the main Airwork? Regards, Mark. Last edited by MarkW ; 18th October , Thanks for the corroborating information, Mark, we have arrived at the same conclusion - that documents may have been destroyed upon the company's sale. My late father worked for Airwork Services Ltd. I must have another delve into dad's file to see what else I can unearth. I have his passports so I can trace where he was at any given time but not what he was doing. I also have his security passes for Sudan, Nigeria and Oman, but as usual they're not much help! Email Alerts. Referral Program. Affiliate Program.

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The company developed accommodation and facilities there and provided aircraft in the form of the Tiger Moth. Certification Take a look at our certifications Read More. Search for services or products Close. Filtered by:. Mark Woolley. TEAL became wholly owned by the New Zealand government in , whereupon it was renamed Air New Zealand; the airline served international routes until , when the government merged it and the domestic New Zealand National Airways Corporation into a single airline under the Air New Zealand name. Seeking info on Airwork Services 18th January ,

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