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Thinking Big or Cheating on Yourself
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We wish all the good things to come to us. And all we expect is that whatever we do would bring us happiness.

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In earlier days, all people did was tried surviving another day. They would hunt, gather, irrigate, and sustain their lives. But as the way of the world started changing, people had to adapt to it. And as people became more educated and aware, there came a sense of competition. Now, a healthy competition where all people are focused on achieving the goal with fair-play is always appreciated. But there are times when things take a nasty turn. Hence, people start taking a negative path. Money has become a major driving force for people these days.

This upsets me and makes me think twice about humanity sometimes.

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Murdering your own family or friend, theft, burglary, kidnapping are just some regular news you hear or read on TVs and newspapers every day. Hearing these stories might give us the motivation to work hard and set our mind towards one goal. There are politicians lying to all of us for power. I believe relationships take work. They take forgiveness and they take listening.

Cheating Myself

A plant-based diet is a relationship of sorts—with yourself, with your time, with food. To truly understand the intricacies of this journey of health that you are obviously on if you are reading this , you have to experience and, yes, welcome all of the successes and failures—be humble and stay focused on the goal. Now, read that sentence again and take a deep breath while you do.

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Go to sleep earlier. Keep a food journal. Make time for your health. Do your best, and if you mess up, pat yourself on the back and start over as quickly as you can. Be kind to yourself on all fronts. I pick one day a week, put on my favorite tunes and prep most of my ingredients on that day. Read through each recipe and see what you can prepare in advance.

Making time for your meals is making time for you. Try your best to eat at the dinner table, outdoors in the sunshine or away from technology—give yourself a break from the constant, disruptive stimulation of electronics. This lifestyle is all about practice. I fumbled.

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If you are almost giving in to the temptation, think about your family and your friends, and how they will see you when you get caught someday. It is okay to entertain this kind of confessions if we are still single. For every person who is trying to quit smoking or gambling or to curb their anger , there are many loved ones who would benefit from this change too as I discuss in Love Not Smoking: Do Something Different. Show Hide. Cheating , Two , Energy. And we have the right to keep them even if we are already in a romantic relationship. To reach out to take it, that's human, that's natural.

A lot. I still do. Keep your workplace just for working. Make friends and spend time with your colleagues but make sure that your relationship with them is completely work-related. People cheat on their partners for a reason.

Surely, you would not cheat just because your guts tell you to. Oftentimes, this reason is the relationship itself, as maybe your emotions already changed for your lover or the spark is already long gone. For a relationship to be stronger, both you and your partner should make an effort to make it work. It is common for most couples to get used to each other in just a couple of months, and though nothing is totally wrong with that, too much of it usually results in both falling out of love. Even when you are busy at work, try to call your husband during breaks. Leave a small note on the bedside table whenever you go to work on mornings.

Never lose time for each other as that will be the first cause of the spark being gone. Do you remember the time you realized you were falling in love with your man? It is one of the greatest feelings, right? You should never, ever, do this because you are just giving yourself more reasons for cheating on him. Always remind yourself the time you fell in love with him. Hot days, over thinking bans, friendship. A post shared by Handholding foxglove. Physical contact should be reserved only for your partner, so you might want to back off a little when it comes to hugs, a lot of hand-holding, massaging, and over-the-line gestures with other men.

Just because you are already in a relationship, it does not mean that no one will ever be interested in you anymore in a romantic way. In reality, having a guy confess his love to you is actually a common cause for cheating and getting a relationship destroyed. Ladies, we have to admit that one of the best feelings is when a man confesses his admiration for us. We feel as if we are prettier than all the other females around and we feel much more special and appreciated, right?

It is okay to entertain this kind of confessions if we are still single. However, if we already have a romantic relationship, the right thing to do would be to turn them down. You can still keep them by making clear that you are open to a friendship, but you really have to turn down their love emotions.

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Today you woke up with the desire to finally get going on the projects you've been putting off over the last few years. You were motivated, inspired, and ready to. If you've been cheated on, then you know how crippling it can be to your self- esteem. It can send a crumbling ripple effect to your ego, making you feel worthless.

All of us have best friends, either of the same or opposite sex. And we have the right to keep them even if we are already in a romantic relationship.

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But if it already comes to the point that we have to keep them hidden from our partners, it becomes cheating. There are friendships that are really close, but having a friend of the opposite sex can lead to a more intimate relationship.


The best thing you could do is to introduce all your close friends to your partner. You have to know that you still have the right to keep some things personal and only for yourself.

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So, this advice is mainly for those who are close to giving in to the temptations of cheating. If the urge of cheating is strong inside of you, you have to resort to even giving your personal space to your spouse by letting him know the passwords of your social networks, giving him access to your cell phone and PC, and allowing him to check your emails. By doing this, it would be harder for you to keep secrets, thus you would have to think twice before cheating on him.

Positive vibes today! It is unavoidable for a relationship to go through troubles and misunderstanding.

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You and your partner are two different people with different life perspectives, and you will find yourselves disagreeing with each other. However, this is not enough reason for you or your partner to give in to the temptation of cheating.

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If there is something that bothers you, consider relationship counseling. Talk to a professional about your worries and ask for a proper and effective solution that would rekindle your love emotions. Do not resort to cheating, as the act would only worsen your problems.