Eglogue, Opus 63: For Oboe Solo: 0 (Kalmus Edition)

Scenes from a Masked Ball, Op.3 (Papillon (No.4) – for cello
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Acoustic guitar salabert 5 results. Piano salabert 27 results. Drum set salabert 1 result. Musical theory salabert 8 results. Piano salabert results.

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Voice solo - piano salabert results. Cello salabert 35 results.

Choral and vocal ensembles salabert results. Viola salabert 9 results. Flute salabert 1 result. Violin salabert 2 results. Saxophone salabert 2 results. Percussion salabert 4 results. Violin salabert 56 results. Clarinet salabert 2 results. Clarinet salabert 25 results. Trumpet salabert 8 results. Pocket score salabert 8 results. Piano vocal salabert 17 results. Oboe salabert 7 results.

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Full score salabert 25 results. Orchestra salabert 5 results. Saxophone salabert 13 results.

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Bassoon salabert 1 result. Piano voice salabert 2 results.

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Bassoon salabert 5 results. Other keyboards salabert 3 results.

Normal courses and lectures on music have been given by him in various cities. Her mother was a prominent professor of languages in the Northwest, and her father a musician.

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She spent her early school days in Portland, Oregon, com- ing later to New York Her first teacher of music was her sister, the well- known music cnbc, Emihe Frances Bauer. She studied also with HefiBey, Huss, Rothwell, Pugno, Gedalge, Boulanger, and Campbell-Tipton, more- over, she has the distinction of being Boulanger's first American pupil, hav- ing spent a summer in France exchanging lessons in harmony for lessons in English.

She has been Visit- ing Professor in the summer session at the Carnegie Institute of Technology and at Mills College, and for the past seven years a lecturer at Chautauqua. Her father came from a family of scholars and was greatly interested m the subject of mathematics. From the bme she was a year old she showed exbaordinary musical interest and at the age of four she began studying the piano with her mother. At a very early age she began to compose The family moved to Boston when she was eight years old and there she studied piano and harmony with Perabo, Baermann, and Hill She taught herself fugue, eounterpoint, and insbu- mentabon.

He has lectured at all the important colleges of the United States on music, literature, and aesthetics. At present he is state director of the Federal Music Project in Minnesota. He often conducted the family orchestra, and as his father traveled about the country with his own band when a musician was missing Robert Russell would substitute. In this way he learned about all the instru- ments in the orchestra. He studied music with Busch in Kansas City and later when he won a Guggenheim Fellowship he went abroad to work with Boulanger. At the age of sixteen he earned his living by playing the piano and arranging all kinds of music for piano as well as copying parts for musical comedies.

He then began to score and arrange dance music for various instrumental combinations, until he advanced to the position of orchestrator. For a num- ber of years he was the outstanding orchestrator in New York for musical- comedy scores The World War interrupted this work and he served a year in the army. Since he has given part of his time to onginal composition and has written symphonic works and several operas, as well as chamber and choral music.

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While By My sheep. Suites and Chaconnes Volume II Bach Full Score 33cms HB 38pp ex-libris. Apparently an eclectic, superficial, composer of little or no interest for the modern listener. Swan Lake, Op. Overture: I n the Hall of the Trolls.

The periods of creative wnting in the larger symphonic forms are to him in the nature of vacations from the routine of musical comedies, moving-picture sound tracks, and radio broadcasts. The vastly improving facilibes for musical expression in the movies gives him great hope for the future of good music with the film In Warner Brothers called him to Hollywood for a film m which he orchestrated the melodies written by Jerome Kern. With the R K O.

Studios he has held three positions— composer, con- ductor, and orchestrator The League of Composers commissioned him to write an orchestral work which was played by the NBC Orchestra on their tenth anniversary program. Many of the works for chorus and chamber-music ensemble have had performances in Europe as well as in America He was recently commissioned by the CBS to write a work for radio to be broadcast m Petersburg, Russia, in , he graduated at the age of sixteen with honors from the Imperial CapeUa in St.

A second volume of Palesbman songs was published in He has been instrumental in introducing the popular Palesbman music into this country. From to he was instructor of organ at Yale University Today he is Associate Professor of Music at Columbia Col- lege m the department of composition. Many of his works for organ have been given in recital by prominent soloists. He has composed music from his earliest years. Piano study was pursued under Silotti. He studied composition with Dalcroze, Rasse, and Knorr.

During his youth his father s dock business required him to give up his musical aspirations and he became a traveling salesman in Germany. He returned to his musical career after a few years m business and he became Professor of Composition and lectured on aesthetics at the Geneva Con- servatory.

He conducted concerts in Switzerland, and came to America in , as conductor for the dancer Maud Allen, landing in New York un- known and unrecognized, he then began to make Ins career by teaching at the David Mannes Music School. Schirmer, Inc. He studied com- position with Bois and Brockway, piano with Bachner and Hutcheson, and organ under Philips.

Balder Dendievel performs the Sonata for Oboe and Piano, FP 185 by Francis Poulenc

From to he lived in Europe where he studied composition and instrumentation with Scott, Lehmann, Bedford, and Ronald. Returning to the United States in , he joined the heavy artillery. At the dose of the World War he remained in Paris, and from until studied instmmentation and conductmg under WolfiF, musical director of the Op6ra Comique.