First Year University: A Survival Guide

First Year Survival Guide
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While it is important to understand your own limits, it is just as important to come out of your shell occasionally. Perhaps you could take part in an open-mic night to build up your confidence, or join a study group and practice giving your presentation to them — practice makes perfect!

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And remember other people will be in the same situation as you, in fact they could be feeling even more nervous! Try not to avoid your professors — they are there to help! If you are proactive and strike up a conversation it will boost your confidence and help your professor get to know you and your ideas. Another concern which introverts face — the dreaded question that you are not prepared for from the professor in front of the entire class. Honestly, small talk is dreadful.

So skip the small talk and ask people more meaningful questions. Although this may seem daunting, it will help cement long-term friendships and relationships at university and beyond. There is a strong fear of missing out on events at university. You could be under pressure from your friends or flatmates to go to parties or to join a society.

The next time you are invited out have a long hard think as to whether you will actually enjoy the event, or if you just feel like you should go due to social expectations. If your answer is the latter then the answer is simple: do not go out. Stay true to yourself and enjoy your night in. Introverts, as you well know, are not anti-social. If you are friends it is likely that you will have similar interests — why not binge-watch your favourite Netflix series or enjoy a games night?

Overall, we hope you have enjoyed this survival guide for introverts. On a final note, we just want to say that everyone is different, so just make sure you pick and choose what advice to follow. Overall just try to relax and enjoy your first year at university, it is a very exciting time filled with new possibilities! In my spare time, I enjoy writing short stories, reading, and travelling. Designed using Magazine Hoot. Powered by WordPress.

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#4: DON’T skip classes.

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For example, introverts can excel in areas that are usually attributed to extroverts, like public speaking. Contents xi Make Success Attainable Why not share! Place a check mark in the blank beside each character trait you already possess. What did not work?

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Our office will: Address questions and concerns related to all aspects of student life. Help you establish realistic educational goals and future planning. Assist in the selection of appropriate classes especially if you miss or fail a course. Assess and discuss your academic progress and standing.

Help you address academic difficulties. Discuss and evaluate your study habits and skills. Provide tips for academic success.

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Interpret academic policies and procedures. Discuss issues that affect your academic performance. Connect you with campus services.

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Keep information discussed in advising sessions confidential. Provide guidance for successful progression towards graduation. How is university different from high school? You are now an adult learner; it is your responsibility to take the initiative that will support your education. Self-motivation becomes critical in university as professors do not check up on you to ensure that you have completed assignments or kept on top of your readings.

First-Year Zone Survival Guide

Class attendance is not mandatory, but it is essential for your success. Classes are much bigger than in high school up to students , but class sizes will become progressively smaller again in upper-year courses. You will do more work outside of class than you do in class.