These Are The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs As Friends
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They'll love their mother's sense of humor, and she'll be fascinated by her child's flair for the dramatic. This child's warm, open-hearted spontaneity and playfulness can open a Gemini mom's heart and add stability to her life. Gemini moms must remember that their Leo children need to be the center of attention. A Virgo child is serious, picky and shy.

Though adaptable, they are not flighty like a Gemini mom.

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They have common sense, pay attention to details and thrive on order and routine, none of which are a Gemini mom's strong suit. They are quiet and observant kids, especially when there are a lot of people around, while their mom is outgoing and talkative.

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Even a Gemini mom's penchant for making plans and changing them is likely to drive a Virgo child mad. For her Virgo child's sake, a Gemini mom must go against her nature and try to stick to set routines. Libra children are active and mild-mannered.