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I don't know where the episode production has reached, but if he did succeed in catching the Loch Ness Monster, it will be pretty difficult to keep that under wraps until it airs on May 27th. In fact, eighty years of monster hunting suggests it will be a bit of a stretch to expect Jeremy to land the ultimate River Monster.

I believe I know what type of animal he will suggest as an identity for the creature but there is no point in spoiling it for the rest of you and doubtless I will review the episode after it airs.

But the topic here is catching the Loch Ness Monster and that is a real arena for speculation and the final proof that science demands. Ever since this beast became news in , various attempts have been made to capture it. The first attempts were pretty much of the angling variety as a big hook and a big piece of bait were seen as the obvious way to capture a large water beast. We read this from the Inverness Courier of the 30th May , a mere four weeks after the Mackay sighting which sparked the modern Nessie era: Loch Ness Monster - an attempt to catch the monster was made at Foyers. The attempt was unsuccessful It seemed people were content to concentrate on the gathering of more indirect evidence via film and photography.

It wasn't until after the Dinsdale film, that forces began to gather and organise in the form of the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau and various other expeditions.

How to Catch a Monster

A few groups would claim to come armed to the teeth and take out the monster with machine guns and explosives, but others would attempt a more thoughtful approach. However, it has to be said that talk about capturing the creature remained mainly talk rather than action.

Roy Mackal had his biopsy dart which it could be argued would " capture " a piece of the monster but this idea did not take off when its host submarine, the Viperfish, never really got going. One or two smaller conical nets were employed which were 6ft high by 5ft across which barely qualified as monster traps and again nothing was captured. It has to be said though that bigger nets were planned but the Bureau was disbanded in before any such project got off the ground.

But the Big Kahuna of monster traps was finally employed in It was the brainchild of the Vladivar Vodka company who saw this as a nice bit of publicity with the Loch Ness Project involved in the deployment of a 60ft by 20ft tube made of fibreglass and plastic.

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It was lowered into 30 metres of water for a month off the Horseshoe Scree with a suitable amount of fish bait inside. As you may have guessed, nothing was captured again and it is a matter of debate whether it could have held a 30ftft monster thrashing about inside it. Nevertheless, a trashed cage being lifted out of the loch would have generated no small amount of excitement itself.

So the short history of Nessie traps comes to an end. In total, it seems a meagre harvest of attempts to acquire the ultimate proof that scientists demand. In fact, it seems that future attempts would be strangled by red tape and conservation concerns.

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Fears of harming the local wildlife, introducing foreign species and obstructing the loch as part of the Caledonian canal waterway all but guarantee that there is little prospect of employing these techniques. It also seems that dredging the loch bottom for Nessie carcasses is a non-starter as the sediment at the bottom is regarded as a valuable store of natural history via core samples.

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So it seems we have a paradox here. Scientists want a live or dead specimen to confirm the creature's existence but scientists don't want to do that in case of environmental damage! Now you know how to reply when they again demand proof. So where does that leave us? Must we wait for a carcass to drift ashore by natural means? The truth of the matter is that there has never been a serious attempt to capture the Loch Ness Monster.

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The critics think it is a waste of time and money, the tourist board don't want their prize asset removed from the loch and the environmentalists don't want a blade of grass touched. Ecological studies of the pelagic area of the loch in the open water just below the surface suggest it is not a place for monsters to waste their energy swimming about. In that light, the Vladivar net was probably in the wrong place, though if it was still there 30 years on, one would have an expectation of some Nessie "event" by now. The other consideration is that at 30m down, the total loch volume to that depth is just over 1.

The net occupied about cubic metres and so there was a 1 in 2. The odds go down if a herd of such creatures are constantly swimming around the loch down to 30m for a month.

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One creature a metre wide travelling continuously at 5km per hour for 5 hours a day over 30 days will cover a volume trail of about 0. Ten will cover 6 million cubic metres and we assume no overlapping of previous trails.


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In reality, it would be much higher because the creatures do not swim continuously in open water but rather stick to the sides and bottom of the loch. So how do you catch the Loch Ness Monster without breaking health and safety regulations? I would suggest placing a long net along the bottom o f the loch about two metres high.

Whichever your play style, there should be some helpful information here for you. There are many different types of monster boxes, but to catch a Monster, you must first purchase a Monster Box from the Market. Some boxes will increase your chance of catching a certain type of Monster, so be sure to read up on the different kinds! Now you really want to train it, but where ever will you find an Odani like his? Use the Monster Dex to find the monster that you are looking for! It is a particularly useful tool, and can give you even more insight into a Monster before you catch it.

You even have the information on how to Transform your Fazuchi into its higher forms right at your fingers in the Monster Dex. Sometimes, as is the case with Odani, you will only be able to catch the lower forms of a Monster and must Transform it yourself. This information is in the Monster Dex as well, above the page break, and it includes links to Maps where a Monster may be found.

The map icon will take you to a page detailing the layout of the route, what NPC trainers are there, as well as the wild Monsters and their appearance rates. Well, now you've found out where your Monster can be found, you've bought your Monster Box, but now you need to catch it! Well, first you have to find it — walking through the grass, or perhaps you need Hyper Surf to find it.