Judgment (Wolfman 3)

Quarterfinals: Steve Wolfman vs. Andre Mueller ($2,500): The Land of Legendary Fatties
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Such as: a reader does not like Bra is not necessarily gay, the reader does not like Uub not necessarily a racist Do not think you're a moderator. Plaintiffs, investors in an oil drilling venture, alleged in this class action that the defendant, a major accounting firm, is liable to them for misstatements in several opinion letters which advised them as to the supposed tax consequences of those investments We certified a class consisting of all persons who purchased these securities after July 22, , 70 F.

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Plaintiffs are persons who purchased limited partnership interests in oil wells to be drilled in Kansas and Ohio, of which Westland Minerals Corporation WMC was general partner and promoter. As a result of criminal fraud by WMC, many of these wells were never drilled and much of the invested money was diverted to WMC's own use. Economic Concepts, Inc.

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ECI , the selling agent for these limited partnerships, and WMC sought to engage in April the services of defendant in rendering opinions as to the federal income tax consequences of these limited partnerships. In July the defendant [agreed to draft the opinion letters.

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The letter was written specifically for the use of one Muhammed Ali, a potential WMC investor, with regard to reducing the amount of taxes that would be withheld from a fight purse The jury found that the Much of the evidence concerning those misrepresentations and omissions and their recklessness came from plaintiffs' expert witness, Professor Bernard Wolfman of the Harvard Law School, a specialist in federal income taxation.

Most of his testimony was not rebutted by the defendant.

The effect would be to accelerate the tax deduction available to the investor in