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Using either reverse osmosis or distillation, an estimated 13, desalination plants operate throughout the world, with the highest concentration around the Mediterranean and Arabian seas. But few studies have tracked the ecological impact of these plants.

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At the end of the process, desalination plants that create a gallon of freshwater from every two gallons of seawater must find a way to dispose of the remainder. The by-product water has roughly double the salinity of seawater, a concentration well beyond the tolerance of most marine organisms. A handful of relatively small ocean desalination plants exist in California, but the state's Coastal Commission is reviewing another 20 proposed projects on a case-by-case basis.

A Poseidon project in Carlsbad, Calif. In Carlsbad and Huntington Beach, Calif. Each project would produce 50 million gallons of drinking water per day, enough to serve , people. The best available scientific and commercial data indicate that the Concho water snake Nerodia paucimaculata has recovered. Therefore the U. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to remove delist the Concho water snake Nerodia paucimaculata from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, and accordingly, also remove its federally designated critical habitat.

The Concho water snake is a reptile endemic to central Texas.

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It was listed as threatened on September 3, , due to threats of habitat modification and destruction 51 FR Through implementation of recovery efforts, the Service has determined that this species has been recovered and no longer meets the definition of threatened or endangered. Comments on the proposed rule must be received on or before September 8, Public hearing requests must be received by August 22, In studying an invasive species, scientists want to know how it colonized a new territory — where, when and how it arrived, and with how many colonists.

The red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a major invasive pest in the Southern United States and other countries. Scientists know something about its arrival from its native South America: it came in a cargo ship that unloaded at the port of Mobile, Ala.

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Now Kenneth G. Ross of the University of Georgia and D. Since fire ant workers are sterile, the founders must have been mated queens. The researchers combed through genetic data from ants in South America and the United States to determine the degree of genetic variation and then estimated the number of queens that would lead to such variation. As they report in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, it is likely that the initial invasion consisted of only 9 to 20 unrelated queens, although results suggest there may have been one or more secondary invasions.

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Either way, a handful of queens is responsible for the spread of these ants in the South, where they sting people, disturb fields and make a nuisance of themselves. Department of Energy DOE will channel resources at its national laboratories into sequencing the genome of duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza in According to the researchers, duckweed plants can extract nitrogen and phosphate pollutants from agricultural and municipal wastewater. They can reduce algae growth, coliform bacterial counts and mosquito larvae on ponds, while concentrating heavy metals, capturing or degrading toxic chemicals, and encourage the growth of other aquatic animals such as frogs and fowl.

These plants produce biomass faster than any other flowering plant, serve as high-protein feed for domestic animals and show clear potential as an alternative for biofuel production. The Spirodela genome sequence could unlock the remarkable potential of a rapidly growing aquatic plant for absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide, ecosystem carbon cycling and biofuel production.

A massive two week-old blaze is still sweeping through the scenic Big Sur area, and the fate of three condor chicks born in the wild in April is unknown. One nest was in the path of the fire and flames damaged an aviary where captive chicks are trained before being released into the wild. The society is the only nonprofit group releasing and managing California condors in the wild.

Keeran said eight captive chicks had been rescued by helicopter just before fire went through their home in the society's aviary in a remote Big Sur canyon last week. More than 80, acres and destroyed 48 homes and other buildings. Containment is not expected until the end of July. Fire has already swept through a wild area where one of the condor chicks was nesting. The two other chicks have nests closer to the Pacific Ocean but their fate in the thick acrid smoke covering the region is not known, she said.

California condors have a low breeding rate, laying eggs only once every two years, and chicks depend on their parents for more than a year. The Ventana Wildlife Society www. The birds are equipped with tracking devices and the society puts out food to supplement what the carrion-eaters find in the wild. Hopefully their transmitters are just not working properly," Keeran said. In the July 10, issue of the journal Nature, scientists from Scripps Research reveal the shape of the Ebola virus spike protein, which is necessary for viral entry into human cells, bound to an immune system antibody acting to neutralize the virus.

The structure provides a major step forward in understanding how the deadly virus works, and may be useful in the development of potential Ebola virus vaccines, or treatments for those infected.

belgacar.com/components/espion-telephone/kit-espion-talkie-walkie.php Erica Ollmann Saphire, who led the five-year effort. There is currently no cure for Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The virus is spread when people come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is already infected. Most ultimately die from a combination of dehydration, massive bleeding, and shock.

The best treatment consists of administering fluids and taking protective measures to ensure containment, like isolating the patient and washing sheets with bleach. A couple hundred of the mountain gorillas left in the wild live in the Congo The vehicle was carrying 11 people, and the wife of a park guard and her daughter were killed. A park guard, the wife of another guard and a trainer WWF were wounded. The attackers fled with five GPS tracking devices, the radio said. More than rangers have been killed in Virunga park over the last decade.

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The Neumuenster Zoo in northern Germany owns Knut's father, Lars, and says it is the legal owner of his first offspring — Knut — under a deal made with the Berlin Zoo, where the cub was born in The Berlin Zoo has said it recognizes Neumuenster's ownership in principle, but maintains that does not give Neumuenster a right to any proceeds from the polar bear's huge success. It has licensing agreements for all kinds of Knut products, including stuffed animals, T-shirts, mugs and DVDs. Neumuenster Zoo director Peter Druewa said in a statement that his zoo had unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the Berlin Zoo but has now turned to a court in Berlin for a ruling.

Navasha was transferred to Little Rock after a recommendation from the Species Survival Plan, as a companion to year-old Johari, who's been in Little Rock since The pair has not yet met officially, though both rhinos are able to see each other occasionally. Supervisor Ken Vogel said how the money is used will be subject to the Board of Supervisors' approval at a later date.

However, Hansen stipulated in his will that it must fund youth activities at Micke Grove Zoo. Hansen, who died in at the age of 95, was a good friend of Micke Grove Park founder William Micke. African elephant, Asali is months pregnant, and when her baby arrives a year from now after a month pregnancy , it will be the first baby elephant born at the Memphis Zoo in its year-history.

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She was impregnated via artificial insemination last September with the combined sperm of bull elephants from Jacksonville, Fla. They don't know which elephant is the father.

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The pregnancy was recommended by the African elephant species survival plan, which manages the genetic makeup of captive animals. Because Asali's DNA is not highly represented among captive elephants, it makes her a good breeding candidate.

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A second population of a small and endangered California wildflower the Cuyamaca Lake Downingia was recently found by Nature Conservancy ecologist, Zachary Principe. The only other population is nearly 20 miles away, in the Cuyamaca Mountains of eastern San Diego County. Principe made the find while traversing a conservation easement within eastern San Diego County which was recently donated to the Conservancy by the Wheatley family of Del Mar.

Vernal lakes and pools are also quite rare. About three dozen cable car passengers on the Skyfari ride were stranded for nearly five hours on Wednesday night at the Bronx Zoo after an emergency mechanism caused the ride to shut down. The ride automatically shut itself down about p. There were no reported injuries, but passengers were hungry and a bit cold.

The three people inside the disabled car, which hung about feet from the ground, were rescued first, about three hours after the shutdown using a crane with a basket attached. Once they were unloaded, workers began making repairs to the car. Police and fire officials said that 37 people were trapped, including seven children, at heights ranging from 60 to feet. Officials said the passengers would undergo a medical evaluation.

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With much of his life spent in Asia, Richard Mann has penned a total of 87 books about Indonesia over a period of 26 years. They can pump up their models some more and live happily ever after. Events however were overtaking. BTW, that is a great site. Saturday Sounds 18Aug featuring: Dizygotic podcast id: Renegade Thursdays Sept 13 featuring: shoebox podcast id:

One, seven months pregnant, was taken to a nearby hospital complaining of cramps. Shortly before 11 p. Then waves of zoo workers who had stuck it out during the episode began to file out. Calvelli, a spokesman for the zoo, apologized to those inconvenienced by the shutdown.