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Applying the Prime Directive beyond the retrospective
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You can always reference it to remember the participants that, for this meeting, the team should put their judgments aside. Prime Directive. Free online board Start retro now. So he decides to intervene and destroy the computers that run the war. End result: Faced with the threat of real war and the total destruction of both planets, both sides decide to start talking In addition to being one hell of a silly episode, "The Apple" offers up one of Kirk's worst defenses of violating the Prime Directive.

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He takes it upon himself to destroy Vaal, saying he'll take his chances with the Feds over violating the Directive. End result: The "feeders of Vaal" are left in chaos by the destruction of the machine, but Kirk reckons they'll be all right. How nice of him. Specifically, they escape being held prisoner by the Ten Tribes who are also negotiating with the Klingons for the same mining privileges that the Federation wants and take the pregnant widow of the tribal leader with them -- a woman who was fully prepared to die along with her unborn child.

It's a small alteration in the course of events on the planet, and Kirk doesn't think twice about it, since he's both saving a woman and a kid and working toward securing those mining rights for the Federation. End Result: The woman, Eleen, has her baby, the Klingon rep gets killed and the new leader of the Ten Tribes is impressed enough with Kirk to give the Federation the mining exclusive.

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A win-win for everyone. This was the first of a handful of episodes in which the Prime Directive has already been broken and Kirk has to sort of break it again to restore things to normal.

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In this case, the people of Sigma Iotia II, a highly imitative culture, have been corrupted by a book on the Chicago mobs of the s that was left behind by an Earth spaceship years earlier, before the Prime Directive existed. When the Enterprise gets there, the entire planet is divided and run by gangsters, forcing Kirk to put on his best mob boss accent and make them all an offer they can't refuse basically he points the Enterprise 's phasers at them. End result: Since this episode was a comedy, everything's very light-hearted -- but basically Kirk puts the Federation in charge of the planet to move it away from gangland culture.

The Prime Directive

This episode was meant to be an allegory about the then-raging Vietnam War, with the Klingons and Federation standing in for the Communist bloc and the U. The Enterprise visits a planet called Neural, where the inhabitants are gentle, peaceful and primitive; but when they get there they discover that one of the planet's tribes has flintlock rifles -- an almost impossible feat for this civilization at this point in time.

It soon becomes apparent that the Klingons are arming one side with the goal of taking over the planet by proxy, so Kirk must decide whether to break the Prime Directive and arm the other side to maintain a balance of power. End result: Kirk arms the tribe led by his friend Tyree, but takes no joy in doing so, since he knows all too well where this can lead. Kirk's solution in this particular episode is not an easy one. When the Enterprise journeys to the planet Ekos to find out what happened to Federation cultural observer John Gill, Kirk and Spock discover to their horror that Ekos has adapted the fascist ideology and symbols of the Third Reich.

We asked lawyers to explain how the show's most famous rule would really work.

The Nazi regime -- of which Gill is apparently the Fuhrer -- plans to wipe out anyone from the neighboring planet of Zeon who is now living on Ekos before destroying Zeon itself. With the Prime Directive already broken, Kirk must find out what went wrong and why Gill seemingly decided that transforming the planet into a Nazi nightmare was a good idea. End result: It turns out that Gill utilized certain aspects of Nazism to get the barbaric Ekosians under control, until he was drugged and betrayed by an underling who is much more Hitler-like in his tactics.

Both men die, but not before Kirk manages to revive Gill and make him give a speech renouncing the entire situation. It's implied that the two planets will work things out on their own.

Kirk and Spock must contend with a Starfleet captain gone rogue, a deadly disease that turns people into leftover piles of salt from "The Man Trap" and the primitive remnants of a civilization that somehow paralleled ours, right down to the conflict between the U. End result : Kirk reads the Pledge of Allegiance and the Constitution at everybody, which has the magical effect of establishing peace between the Kohms and Yangs -- something we've still never quite achieved here in 70 years of wars cold and hot.

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Kirk, Spock and McCoy are trapped on a planet that mirrors the Roman Empire, except with modern technology, where they are forced to fight in televised gladiatorial contests. Coon the "other" Gene who was a fundamental part of many of Trek 's most successful episodes , so you would think that these guys would get the whole Prime Directive thing right.

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In the fictional universe of Star Trek, the Prime Directive is a guiding principle of Starfleet, prohibiting its members from interfering with the internal and natural. The Prime Directive, also known as Starfleet General Order 1 or the Non- Interference Directive, was the embodiment of one of Starfleet's most important ethical.

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Prime Directive

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