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Summer storm may refer to: A storm that takes place during the season of summer; Summer Storm ( film), a United States film; Summer Storm ( film). Summer Storm (German: Sommersturm) is a German coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner, starring Robert Stadlober.

Public wish list. Description True well-being for your skin! Physical intimacy is second nature to Tobi and Achim, best friends who wrestle, lift weights and row boats together. One summer at rowing camp, their masculine bonds are threatened by the seductive intrusion of the fairer sex.

Achim is willing to leave behind boyish emotions to awkwardly pursue the beautiful Sandra.

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Tobi, on the other hand, is prevented by his attachment to Achim to fully respond to Anke. His gay awakening comes as no surprise, as Marco Kreuzpaintner's film is drenched in homoeroticism from the outset. The opening scenes, shot in sweat-glistening slow motion, are a paean to the brotherhood of athletes. Back at the tent, the camera lingers on Tobi's pecs as he lies beside Achim, discussing the size of his girlfriend's breasts. The surprise comes later in the film, when Achim does not reciprocate Tobi's attempted kiss. The film loses some of its charm in trading a frolicsome androgyny for the more ponderous issues of friendship and sexual identity.

When Tobi is confronted by storm clouds on an otherwise sunny day, one expects to hear Al Green break out with a chorus of "It's Raining in My Heart.

Most of the film, however, goes down easily enough. The Queer Strokes, an all-gay rowing team, provide a humorous contrast to the less sexually confidant characters. There is a hilarious scene, accompanied by whimsical music, in which the homophobic Georg tiptoes through their camp looking for a flower vase.

His fate is as predictable as the rest of the film, which is recommended for its endearing performances, captivating locations and a poppy soundtrack that amiably underscores the bubbly sensuality of a summer in the sun. I mean, yes.

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I mean, no. Tobi, Achim, Sandra, Anke and a few others belong to a rowing club. Tobi falls for his best friend Achim and becomes increasingly jealous of his girlfriend, Sandra. Meanwhile, Sandra's best friend Anke makes a run at Tobi, who does his best to fend her off.

The plot simmers, quite painfully - I've been through this exact scenario myself only replace the rowing boats with a submarine - until the rowing club packs up for a trip to a regatta race in the countryside. The boys on Tobi's Bavarian rowing team are excited. They've heard of the big-busted girls from Berlin. Only trouble is that this year's entry from Berlin is a gay team - and the boys are hot.

The plot boiled over shortly after the tents were pitched. Once the hormones got to really raging and the fighting broke out, I calmed.

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Have sex, get in a fight, do something really stupid, and then bawl your eyes out. I'm familiar with that pattern. I may even have a masters degree in it. Summer Storm is a fairly straight no pun intended forward production, which makes the four or five creatively filmed scenes look really awesome. The actors grow on you and anyone who watches the film will be able to find someone to identify with in this story, which is kind of remarkable when I think about it.

Both funny, sad and eye opening. Some truthful observations get clouded by the over-the-top feel of other scenes. Compelling story with no weakness in any of the cast. Very recomended!

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And frequently you realise that the crazy outpourings of adulation and praise might just have been due to the sheer exotic feel of the movie in question: it's in a different language! You can simply remove the item from your cart. Johnstone's Vinyl Matt Summer Storm 5ltr.

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